Guide to the New 2019 IB Maths Courses

Over the previous year, gossipy tidbits have been spreading. Is it truly obvious? Is the IBO changing the Maths schedule? Will Maths Studies stop to exist?! For those of you going to begin your IB Diploma, the new maths schedule has most likely been an interesting issue of discussion. Also, having addressed a ton of you, I have comprehended that it\’s been a somewhat befuddling subject as well! Along these lines, regardless of whether you\’ve picked your maths class for one year from now or not, I figured it is useful to make a very straightforward manual for the new IB maths courses. Peruse on for a simple clarification of what\’s in store from the new schedule.

What are the improvements?

From 2019, there will be two new IB Diploma maths subjects. These are Maths: Analysis and Approaches and Maths: Applications and Interpretation. The two subjects will be offered at SL and HL. The SL maths courses mean 150 hours of classes, while an HL maths course is educated more than 240 hours (recall, these class hours are spread more than two years – phew!!!). Knowing the measure of time you\’ll be spending regarding a matter is a decent method to choose which level to take. Contemplate internally: would I truly like to have 240 hours of maths, or am I progressively fit 150 hours? Yet, what separates (maths joke, get it) the two courses is how they approach arithmetic. Here\’s a speedy separate of the two subjects:

Mathematics: analysis and approaches

  • Emphasis on algebraic methods
  • Develop strong skills in mathematical thinking
  • Real and abstract mathematical problem solving
  • For students interested in mathematics, engineering physical sciences, and some economics

Mathematics: applications and interpretation

  • Emphasis on modeling and statistics
  • Develops strong skills in applying mathematics to the real-world
  • Real mathematical problem solving using technology
  • For students interested in social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, statistics, business, engineering, some economics, psychology, and design

As I frequently tell pre-IB understudies, when picking your IB subjects it\’s a good thought to think somewhat facilitate ahead to what you should learn at University. In this way, when picking which of these maths alternatives (and at which level) to take, don\’t be frightened to approach your maths instructor or IB Coordinator for guidance. On the off chance that you have a subject or course at the top of the priority list for University, request their supposition concerning which maths alternative may be ideal!

How do these new options identify with the old IB Maths Courses?

For those of you who knew about the old IB maths choices, you may be confounded about how these new courses relate. For example which of the new courses would it be advisable for me to take if I needed to pick Maths Studies?! We\’ve had a top to bottom take a gander at the new courses, and here\’s our assessment concerning which of the old alternatives connects to which new course:

  • Applications and Interpretation SL – like Maths Studies
  • Applications and Interpretation HL – like the old Maths SL
  • Investigation and Approaches SL – like the old Maths HL
  • Investigation and Approaches HL – like the old Further Maths HL course

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